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The global eLearning sector continues to experience a very high student drop out rate (often as high as 90%) and a subsequently low completion rate.

The reason for this high drop out rate is that in most cases the training organisation lacks a dedicated Student Support Team to engage with online students. Instead, students are required to self motivate which in reality is an inherently flawed approach.

Ragus provides a proven Student Support Strategy for online learning to deliver the following outcomes for training organisations:

bullet-arrow Student Retention
bullet-arrow Student Progression
bullet-arrow Course Completions
bullet-arrow Re-enrolments

The foundation for these four desirable outcomes is student engagement and motivation.

Quality content no doubt plays its part, however, in Ragus’s view understanding and maintaining student motivation is the key to online learning. In fact, recent studies suggest that motivation matters more than IQ or learning styles for learning new skills online.

It is important then to understand what exactly motivates students enrolled in online courses. Some of the prevailing factors underpinning student motivation are:

bullet-arrowthe autonomy or freedom students have in directing how, what and when they learn;
bullet-arrowthe positive value, personal reward or professional incentive students find in a learning activity; and
bullet-arrowthe perceived support from the learning environment – effective eLearning must include regular feedback sessions with students in regard to
   progress, what they have mastered and if they have met certain goals.

Ragus’s Student Support Strategy draws on these factors to create a unique environment that engages and motivates students.


Ragus’s staff have a strong background in customer service, administrative skills and an in-depth knowledge of the course they are responsible for supporting. By working closely with students (via telephone, email, live chat and other forums) Ragus’s Staff build strong trusting relationships that motivate students to stay disciplined and accountable for completing assessments on time and most importantly not dropping out.

Ragus’s clients quickly discover that by providing a higher level of student support to increase student satisfaction, all aspects of their online business dramatically improve (including, student drop out rates and student re-enrolments).

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