Enrolment Support

Drawing on decades of experience in the education sector, Ragus has devised an enrolment support product for training organisations called: Enrolments Active. Put simply, Enrolments Active is a structured approach to enrolling students into the course they have signed up for in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

The process itself is fairly straightforward as illustrated by the diagram below:


What is most attractive to many of our clients is that Ragus offers the Enrolments Active service on a variable cost model – that is, pay per enrolment. For others, with high volumes of enrolments Ragus offers full time resources at a fixed hourly rate.

Enrolments Active compliments Ragus’ Student Support service. A high percentage of online student dropouts occur in the period of time between the student completing the enrolment paperwork and the time that the training organisation takes to make contact with the student. A structured and efficient enrolment process together with a dedicated student support system minimises these costly dropouts.

To find out more information about how Ragus could assist your training organisation’s student enrolments system please contact us on 1-800-380-5216 or submit an enquiry through the Contact Us page.

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