Assessment Services

Ragus offers training and assessment services for training organisations involved in the eLearning sector. Our Training and Assessment offering includes the Student Support Service detailed here.

The Ragus Training and Assessment Model creates the opportunity for the training organisation to substantially reduce costs and increase results while maintaining high quality customer service. Our service is individually tailored to each client’s needs in order to ensure the best-fit solution.

Our Trainers and Assessors provide a first class, hands-on service from the time of enrolment through to completion.


Our Trainers and Assessors will operate under your specifications, within a required deadline, discuss feedback and request verbal clarification (which is recorded, where required).

With full TAE qualifications, our Trainers and Assessors are highly qualified, trained and certified in a variety of certificates through to diplomas (including Business Administration, Business Sales and Financial Services). In addition, our Trainers and Assessors are fully qualified in the TAE Assessor Skill Set.

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